Foundry Patterns

Foundry Patterns

Foundry PatternWe employ a staff of traditionally trained patternmakers.  With over 30 years patternmaking experience in the Vancouver area, we can create virtually any shaped foundry pattern for casting. We routinely manufacture all types of patterns from small items mounted on matchplates, to large loose patterns.  We have extensive experience working with both ferrous and non-ferrous foundries in the Vancouver area and across North America.

Working with the Foundry

We often work with a foundry to best configure mounting and gating systems for the pattern to ensure a quality casting.  Every foundry has different requirements based on their particular equipment and experience.  It’s often possible to hand-mold and cast several trial pieces before mounting and gating is applied.  This can help to identify problem areas of the casting that may need risers or more complex gating.

Ordering Foundry Patterns is easy.

Ordering foundry patterns from us is easy:  Whether your design is finalized or not, show us what you’ve got.  We will supply you with pricing and a delivery estimate for the pattern.  If you have a foundry you’re working with, we can create the pattern to their specifications.  Once the quotation is accepted,  you will be asked to fill out a credit application (if you choose to apply for credit) or simply pay upon delivery.  We can ship anywhere in North America.


CAD Submission & Filetypes for Patternmaking

For production of foundry patterns, we can accept and read virtually any filetype. For quoting purposes, a write-protected file is preferred.

We do not require a CAD drawing for production. We can work from sketches & hand drawings, or from existing parts.

Wood Patterns
We choose wood for our foundry patterns based on a variety of factors such as stability, durability, and life expectancy of the pattern. Most patterns are comprised mainly of wood.
Plastic Patterns
We will often use plastic resins, epoxies, fiberglass and other composites for our foundry patterns if necessary.
Metal Patterns
Metal will be used if the pattern will be used for a large number of castings or in a pressure cast match plate if a piece has an offset parting line. Metal will also be used where required for shell core boxes.

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