Extend The Life of Your Power Tool Batteries

14 October 2009, Comments: 0


Chances are you’re pretty familiar with cordless power tools. We’ve got our fair share of Drills, Saws, Grinders, and even Flashlights. These are tools we use daily, so we try to take care of them as best we can. Batteries are usually the first thing to go on cordless power tools, so we’ve gathered up a few tips and tricks on how you can extend the life of your power tool batteries.


The batteries should be kept in a dry place, at room temperature. There are some people out there that say that keeping the batteries in the freezer will extend the life, but the opposite is actually true. Most manufacturers advise against this, as it will actually damage the where to buy cialis in canada battery. It’s also not a good idea to keep the batteries in your vehicles.


Years ago, batteries had ‘memories’. If you didn’t let the battery die, or fully charge, the battery would ‘remember’. And the next time you want to charge it fully, it would only charge half way. These days most batteries are memory proof. However, it’s always better to let the battery fully die before re-charging. And always let the battery fully charge before removing it from the charger.

If you have a tool that’s a few years old and are suspicious that it might have something to lowest price cialis do with it’s memory, there is a way to ‘reset’ the batteries memory.

1. Place the battery in the tool and run it until the battery goes completely dead. Then leave it attached to the generic cialis cheapest price tool overnight.

2. Run the tool with the battery in the morning. If it will run the tool, use it until it goes completely dead. By doing this, you are essentially erasing the memory in the battery and deleting the false empty cycle of cheap prescription viagra the battery.

3. Place the battery on the viagra generic charge only when it will not power the tool at all. Let it charge fully, which should take overnight.

4. Run the tool with the battery attached until it is again completely dead. Don’t charge the battery again until it’s completely dead.

5. Repeat the charge and drain process several times, and the battery will get better at holding a charge and charging completely.

It’s not the quickest solution, but if it means not buying a new battery, it might be worth a shot. If you find that the battery no longer holds a charge, you still have 1 more option other than replacement. Most batteries can be rebuilt. Check your local suppliers for names of companies who offer the canadian pharmacy cialis service.

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