Who We Are

Industrial Shape & Form is a small group of highly trained manufacturing professionals.  The company was incorporated in 2001 with the generic cialis softtabs purpose of being a different kind of order viagra 100 mg manufacturing company.  One that isn’t afraid to learn new things and isn’t bound into only making a handful of products.  Our continuous growth in knowledge and abilities allow us to be diverse in manufacturing.

Why We’re Different

We were created with the purpose of not limiting ourselves on what we make.  Like any business we have our core competencies, the difference is ours aren’t ‘things’.  Our core competencies are quality, accuracy, knowledge and communication.  These are applied to every job we take, and every product we make.  That’s what sets us apart.

About The Owner

Tom Albanese

President, Tom Albanese

Tom began his working career in a local pipe mill before securing an apprenticeship in joinery making high-end furniture.  He was successful enough as a young joiner to have his work featured in national home magazines, putting him and his work in high demand.  After his joinery apprenticeship he decided he needed a new challenge.  Having always had love for woodworking, Tom decided to go for the top-tier of the craft.  In 1978 he began his apprenticeship as a pattern maker.  Tom fit the trade so well, that he was awarded his red seal certificate a full year early.  Because the trade can be so diverse, Tom picked up knowledge of many different industries.  In 1991 Tom (along with 2 other partners) started their own Pattern Shop.  The pattern shop quickly became one of the largest in Western Canada.  After a successful 10 years, Tom decided to sell his shares and create something of his own.  In 2001 Tom created Industrial Shape & Form.

What We Do

Below is a chart showing our abilities in some of the most common products we make.  This chart is only a fraction of cheap viagra canada what we’re capable of.  We’ve been an integral part of some of today’s leading amusement park attractions, non-combat military and consumer products, and alternative energy applications.

Skills Graph

Our Values

We continually improve our skills and knowledge in able to carry out these values:

  • We are committed to being a professional, moral, and ethical company.
  • We are a company built on integrity and safe places to order cialis reputation.
  • Our goal is to help our customers make money by providing value in our products and services.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Our purchasing program includes environmental considerations, as well as social and ethical considerations. We are also taking steps to reduce energy consumption and waste in our own facility.

Community Support

Industrial Shape & Form is very active in our community through organizations such as Rotary International. We also support a number of local charities through monetary donations.


2007 Spike Award Winner for Technology and Innovation

In The Media

Our work has been covered in many notable publications.  For a list please click here.