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We are handful of highly skilled, certified tradesman making customer designed products in Vancouver.
We've got the experience, expertise, resources, and technology to get your products made.


We make shapes. We use our hands, CNC machinery, and sometimes 3d printing.
From tooling and molds, to custom architectural components, to prototypes and models. We've got you covered.

Providing prototypes, tooling, low volume, and custom manufacturing to industry and entertainment.  

Located in Vancouver BC, servicing North America.
At Industrial Shape & Form, we create your products with top quality materials using state of the art processes & equipment.  We specialize in low volume, custom manufacturing.  From composites & reinforced plastics, to exotic hardwoods and specialty alloys, we are well equipped to handle making a wide variety of products.  Our custom manufacturing services are personalized to suit each individual customers needs, making the process comfortable while instilling confidence.

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